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Fact-Free Liberals: Part III

birdfighter Wrote: Jan 25, 2014 1:50 AM
Well, if we really were all created equal, I don't see what's wrong with us all sharing equally the good things of life. Some people like to work, and some people don't--that don't make them unequal, do it? Some people are earnest, others are dishonest--that don't make them unequal, do it? Some people are very dependable, others don't give a damn--that don't make them unequal, do it? God loves the lost sheep just as much as the sheep who do right. No reason for poverty except not loving our neighbor as ourselves. It's time to put an end to the sacrilege of income inequality.
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Chill Out

birdfighter Wrote: Jan 23, 2014 4:59 AM
As an ancient Greek said: Man is the measure of all things. Even God wants man's recognition and worship. Stossel seems to think it best to wait for science to evolve for fixing global warming--if indeed global warning is a problem and needs to be fixed. Sort of reminds me of nuclear waste--we're still waiting for scientists to find a way to neutralize it instead of just burying it all deep somewhere. For most of man's history his biggest problem of all was with God, in getting things right with God. In this modern age, we aren't concerned with God anymore. Our biggest problem these days is with ourselves. And that might be harder to solve with science than with religion.
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Fact-Free Liberals: Part II

birdfighter Wrote: Jan 23, 2014 4:35 AM
Here's the main thing: If you really want something like full employment, then you must have first enough employers, that is, businesses. So the harder it is to start a business of your own, and the harder it is for a business to make a profit, then obviously the less employers you have to employ workers at a wage or salary. Hence, the problem never really is unemployment--but is non-employers.
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OK to Feel Sorry

birdfighter Wrote: Jan 23, 2014 4:00 AM
I sometimes wonder about evil and wickedness. Do they really exist? Maybe it's just pitiful ignorance or psychological malfunctions. I saw and lived legal segregation. Was glad to see it come to an end and a new era of Civil Rights for blacks begin. What a good thing for the country. But I never saw ahead to Busing, Affirmative Action, the destruction of the black family by welfare, the massive crime rate of blacks, the poverty and bankruptcy of black urban areas, and finally so much racial hatred of blacks against whites, even from successful blacks like Oprah Winfrey. It's odd how good things turn bad sometimes. Maybe it has to get worse before it gets better.
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Obama's State of the Onion Smells

birdfighter Wrote: Jan 23, 2014 3:25 AM
Nixon was finished as Pres when the SC ordered he had to surrender certain tapes, one of which revealed he knew about the Watergate cover-up and was involved in the cover-up. The tape showed he had lied to the nation for 18 months about Watergate. So how long has Obama lied to us all? He have the proof of his lies about Obamacare. Nixon couldn't ever comprehend that a small burglary like Watergate would turn into such a monstrous tragedy for his Presidency. Obama has seemed to weather all his scandals, each scandal more serious than the Watergate burglary, yet Obama survives and is still held in esteem. If the media had liked Nixon, the way they like Obama, if Congress during Watergate had been GOP instead of dem, Nixon would not have been forced to resign. Obama wants to preach to us about income inequality. I'd like to know about equality before the law. I'd like to know why Obama is not getting the same "justice" as Nixon.
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What Did Our Wars Win?

birdfighter Wrote: Jan 23, 2014 2:59 AM
Here's what we have won: Since the end of WW2 our military has been involved in more operations, gained more experience and developed more technologically than any other country--second place is not even close to our military. So that's what we have gained--the best military in the world if we want to use it. But our military and our military operations are just pawns to our politicians in a political game. What I'd like to see is the military take over USA govt and throw out all the politicians.
Seems to me we are all just tired of the relentless struggle and hassle of liberty. So why not just let the elites run things, while the masses live somewhat in equal comfort, security and tranquility? Lots of good stuff to watch on TV and video games and picnics. Life would be so simple if we'd just end all the competition and individuality. Is it really so hard to give up ego and ambition for the greater good of humanity?
I was just thinking this all began with the Big-Bang, and supposedly all the gaseous clouds that form stars will eventually be gone. And all the stars will eventually burn out or blow up. So that supposedly the universe ends not with fire but with ice. So where is all the water in the universe to turn into ice? Water, isn't that something rare, like we hardly know of it's existence except on earth?
This is the worst, most corrupt government ever, as JR said. I guess I was about 8 or 9yrs old when I first became aware of Presidents and politics. Thought it was kind of interesting stuff, so always tried to be well informed. Eisenhower was the Pres I saw send troops into the South to enforce integration. I didn't like that at all. There is a real cruelty inherent in using armed forces against protesters, but it had been done before in USA history. Lincoln did it. Hoover used MacArthur to demolish protesting veterans of WW1. Watched all of Watergate. Much ado over commonplace politics I thought. But Nixon was trapped by a media out to get him. And the evidence against Nixon couldn't be doubted. Watched all of Iran-Contra. Nothing but a dem Senate working hard to incriminate Reagan for his exploits in fighting communism. Watched all of impeachment against Clinton. Didn't like him, but was ashamed of the GOP for making sexual peccadillos a cause for impeachment, though of course, officially the cause was perjury or something like that. Obama. All I can say is this guy is involved in the worst scandals ever, but so far has walked. You can't touch him. So I guess that means we have a majority public that condones everything he does.
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I’m A Traffic Survivor

birdfighter Wrote: Jan 12, 2014 10:04 AM
One thing we ought to understand completely is that the MSM is never going to be fair and objective--they are in the tank for Obama and the dems. The MSM is a propaganda machine for liberals. Consequently, the only way the MSM can be diluted, or blunted or overcome, is by alternate media, as in FOX news, internet blogs and talk radio. Looks like the alternate media, as in Derek's sarcastic column here, is counter-attacking fairly well. We got a big 40% or so of the population polled as politically independent. I just wonder where this 40% is getting their news, and do they care much about the truth.
I'm always amused when hearing what a great brain Obama has, when he is much worse than the small-minded politicians for several decades now who solve every problem and create schemes of prosperity with more spending and more debt. And before Obama ever came to office, the Federal agencies already had in place phony accounting procedures and reports, like for unemployment and the Inflation Index. These politicians and agencies want to make themselves look good, so they cook the books to disguise the true results, or reality anyway. Obama is even more corrupt, deceiving and malicious than any White House administration ever was. So he's not only small-minded, but exceptionally corrupt as well--and he's not ashamed of it either, and just double downs on hypocrisy when cornered. There never will be an economic recovery under a nanny-state govt. And so what are we getting? Increased nanny state every day. And it seems the public wants it too. When you live in a culture of malediction, where truth and merit have lost their power, then what's the use? Let it fall. Let it fall.
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