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How about dividing the country- the socialist get the north and California, the South can continue to follow the constitution. Then we can sit back and watch as town after town in the north empties and they come south and prosper in our non union, right to work environment. I'm in SC where our employment is down to 5.3%. We must be doing something right. We would be doing better if Holder didn't keep suing our buts over things that states should be deciding for ourselves.
Nobody has the balls to challenge this president. One conservative has finally come out and described O in the language he deserves to be described in. I've got hope in Trey Gowdy get to the bottom of Benghazi. There has to be one card that will crumble the facade of the administration and open it up for all to see.
Extending presidents terms has come up in Congress several times. It's in the works. The question is will Congress increase term limits or will Obama take it by force.
That is so sad. But true, I'm afraid. It's going to take more than an election to put this country on the right track. With Obama arming all alphabet agencies, I'm guessing he thinks violence is what it will take to finish the job he started. I weep for my kids.
Kim, darlin. I think you should go the f home or somewhere else. You do not belong here and are not wanted. I'm sick of your quips and jabs. Go join your cronies and keep on trying to bring down the country. You liberals are good for absolutely nothing and I'm sick of you.
Yes, she is. The black community will never be fixed until they stop blaming others and take responsibility for themselves. Programs like affirmative action just reaffirm the belief that because they are black they deserve to be taken care of by the government. When in reality they should be insulted that the democrats think they can't get along without handouts. This "I'm a victim because I am black"is getting so tiresome. They need to grow the f$@& up.
Youre right about Michelle ought to be doing things to promote improvements in the black community, but you have to remember the Obamas religion of Black Liberation Theology. They don't think the black community is in any way responsible for the number of blacks having children out of wedlock, living their entire lives on welfare , being incarcerated at an enormous rate. It's the white devils fault. All of it. Insure the Obamas think they are helping blacks by expanding food stamps, unemployment, welfare, free phones. White devils must pay for the fact that the black community is in such bad shape, not their own.
I've long said our problems stem from the hippie movement. Look at what half the democrats were doing 40 years ago - all those protesting hippies who never grew up and got a clue are now in our Democratic congress.
My heart weeps for all you idiots who think there should be no boundaries in society. For the sense that there is no right or wrong. I have watched for years as people have gotten more angry and selfish and yes, downright mean and intolerant. I have never seen such intolerence as a liberal speaking to someone who doesn't agree with them. Everything is a right to you people. We have a right to healthcare, to abortion. We have a right to force you to think like us, to do what we think is right. . We have a right to free food, free birth control, free housing, free education. And you all are too stupid to realize that little by little your rights are being taken away. You will wake up one day and not like what you have turned this country into
Sorry. I did not mean to flag your comment. I hit the button by accident on my iPad and don't know how to change it. As shameless as this guy is it would not surprise me if he did go to the Salvation Army.
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