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How Republicans Can Find Themselves

binder Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 6:33 AM
It bugs me in this time of war, that tax cuts are always talked about. We have dumped the entire cost of the Iraq War onto the national credit card. No sacrifice on the home front was ever asked for, other than to go 'shopping.' Do you think Winston Churchill talked about tax cuts while the Germans were bombing London? How many Tea Parties were there in America from December, 1941 through September, 1945?

Soul-searching is not in the GOP’s blood. Many Republicans see themselves as stoic, rugged and hardworking individuals. But after twice losing the White House to an ex-community organizer and failing to mobilize the base, Republicans need to take a trip to a mountainous valley, sip some tea and meditate.

In the quiet of nature, I think Republicans would find that the solutions to winning lie within themselves. After my own reflection, I developed three key insights into how the GOP can win presidential elections going forward:

#1 Keep an open mind

Early on, talking heads like Ann Coulter disparaged Romney...