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Women Hold the Key to Recovery

binc Wrote: Aug 10, 2012 7:47 AM
Kitchen, where you prepare and eat food. Also the main gathering center for social activities. Bathroom, where you groom in order to prepare for said social activities and of course where what you prepared in the kitchen is ultimately dealt with. Closets, see grooming. Garage, a cave you keep the vehicle your wife let you buy also a place to escape female chatter. Basement, a cave that the decorator of the house couldn't care less about and a place to escape female chatter. Yard, a place to tend the one plant you're able to grow and also a place to bond with others of your gender to try to figure out and cope with female chatter.

There are universal truths in this life if one takes the time to notice. Now in my twenty-sixth year in residential real estate sales this universal truth became obvious to me over twenty five years ago; ninety percent of the time the woman makes the buying decision during a home purchase. Why? Only ten percent of home buyers are single males.

Another universal truth is that things come in 'threes'. To the woman the three most important things when looking at a home are the kitchen, bathrooms, and closets. The three most important things to the...

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