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Thanks, FDA: A Trip to the Grocery Store May Soon Cost More

binc Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 7:41 AM
Get ready to live on pottage middle class. Pottage "commonly consisted of various ingredients available to serfs and peasants". So, get yourselves a big old cauldron to hang over your twig fire, scrape your plates into the cauldron instead of the garbage can and pray that you don't get food poisoning The bright side is that it would eliminate obesity..
mhubbard Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 9:35 AM
Actually, obesity would probably increase due to the amount of pasta and fatty meats. Actually, the pottage that was originally made was a soup that had whatever was available thrown into it. If cooking classes in schools would teach their students that stir fry is whatever veggies yo have in the fridge, and soup is whatever you have available-period, maybe the students would be able to cook when leaving the home nest. We are producing generations raised on Top Tamen (and its equivalent) instead of people who can cook well with nono-prepared items. It takes several generations to overcome this trend.

Thanks to the FDA’s menu labeling provision in ObamaCare, which targets restaurant chains and grocery stores, consumers may soon have to pay a little more at the checkout counter.

The proposed regulation would require store owners to label prepared, unpackaged foods found in salad bars and food bars, soups and bakery items. Erik Lieberman, regulatory counsel at the Food Marketing Institute, said testing foods for nutritional data will require either expensive software or even more costly off-site laboratory assessments.

Lieberman said failure to get it right comes with...

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