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"What are you working so hard for" old mom? In large part so that I can leave something for my daughter when I end up in hopefully the cheapest casket out the. So that my daughter and her children will not have to live the banana republic life that the left seems to be desperately pushing for.
So... what about those that enjoy sex with thread? Do they now get their own very special little category?
I am one of those fiscal conservatives that doesn't give a hoot how others live and destroy their lives- just don't ask me to bail the idiots out. You get knocked up sweetie? Your problem-not mine. Your lunacy has screwed up your entire country? Your problem, not mine. You engage in dangerous sexual practices because ooh ooh, it felt good at the time-your problem, not mine. You paid no attention in school and turned out to be a moron because of it? Your problem-not mine. I simply don't want to pay for other's idiocy-otherwise, I couldn't care less about how you conduct your life.
Go Matthew! And as for you vlad-are you hoping for the opportunity to impale those that don't agree with your warped mindset?
What the heck, let's give them what heart surgeons make. I mean really, who wouldn't trust a McD's burger flipper holding their beating heart in their burger flipping hands?
So, now moonbeam gives a shot at simple common sense? Too little, too late over the hill balding hippie.
So, we now discourage our boys from playing cowboys and indians-so terribly politically incorrect dontcha know. We discourage our boys from playing "soldiers" with sticks to simulate guns of any type. We suspend our boys from forming those lethal fingers into any type of anything that just may look like a weapon and then we send them off to war in countries full of barbarians to fight wars for basically money and oil. Oh yeah, makes a whole lot of sense to me.
Get her on the stand and if she lies....prison.
Well, they may not believe in America's strength anymore but they may just be under estimating the strength of at least half of her people.
So glad that warriors remain. Me? I'm too old and in lousy physical shape to be any type of warrior but boy can I cook. Huge pots of yummy nutrition that could feed many- good filling hot meals and cheap. That I could do and warriors need to eat.
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