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Maybe it's a religious restriction huh? Way to go libbies.
Having recently dealt with many nurses, I have come to fully appreciate them and what they do. Kudos to all you nurses out there.
Without the beard, he'd look like Tom Selleck. There's a darned handsome man under there.
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Why Liberals Love Reparations

binc Wrote: May 31, 2014 7:47 AM
Black males got the vote before females of any race did. All American females deserve reparations for that terrible injustice. sarc
Swift decapitation administered by a skilled executioner while gory, is preferable.
Kerry's upset that the abducted school girls sold into sexual slavery don't have free access to "birth control", the morning after pill and abortions. The priorities of the leftist mind set are truly mind boggling.
Those huge phones are called "the brick".
Heck, I still have a land line.
I guess chrissy hasn't read the Venona papers because they prove that yes, McCarthy was in large part correct.
I'd like to know if Fred voted for obama.
"What are you working so hard for" old mom? In large part so that I can leave something for my daughter when I end up in hopefully the cheapest casket out the. So that my daughter and her children will not have to live the banana republic life that the left seems to be desperately pushing for.
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