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Co-Chair of Presidential Debate Commission: Candy Crowley Was a "Mistake"

binc Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 9:04 AM
Too little too late. The damage is done. Leftist sheep do as they're told rather than actually think and do research themselves. A number of so called miss steps by the MSM got Obama elected so the MSM owns it. Apologies, retractions etc. at this stage of the game will not be accepted by those that have already suffered or about to suffer losing everything that they have worked for because of the MSM's actions or inactions.

We all remember the moment well when CNN's Candy Crowley quickly jumped to falsely defend President Obama against Mitt Romney when things started getting heated about Benghazi during the second presidential debate of 2012. As a reminder (the loud clapping you hear in the background is Michelle Obama):


And the back track:

Now, Presidential Debate Commission Co-Chair Frank Fahrenkopf is calling Crowley a "mistake" as a moderator.

According to Jon Ralston,...