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Is the Fed Printing Money?

billyderka Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 11:52 AM
Most [so-called printing] money in not printing money at all. All phony money is created by [C]redit. Credit Cards,4 [L]oans of all sorts business or personal, Mortgages; this the root of 95% of all inflation. In a fraction reserve system inflation is always there it never goes away. They just shrink the boxes.

Here's a seemingly simple question for you: "Is the Fed Printing Money?"

I suspect most of you will reply an emphatic yes, but some of you will say no. Before I give you my take, please ponder a similar question: "Is inflation or deflation coming?"

I posed the inflation question to the audience in my presentation at the Wine Country Conference. My answer was "It depends".

When I asked the audience "On what does it depend?", one person answered that it depended on what the Fed did. That answer...