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That is what we another imbecile in the senate.
There was a time, there was an Ice Age, mile high Ice covering a large part of the plant, it melted and there was no industrial pollution of carbon????? Why did the earth warm? Was it Al Gore bull????
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A Real State of the Union

billyderka Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 12:20 PM
When I listen to Obama I am reminded of a Mob Boss, everything has a very bad intention or motive. You know how they whack a member of their group they send someone who is a trusted friend. They do not even see it coming. He also reminds me of a working girl and a junkie, everything they say is a lie.
What is the difference both parties are the same they cater the our in place Fascist Crony Capitalists. Yeah that's right. If Ron Paul were elected we would have had a chance, now the chance is gone forever. In 50 years or less we will be a third world country with a "Dictator." Oh I am sorry we have a Dictator now our El Presidente Barrack Obama and congress is to blame the gave the power away.
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