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She should run until no longer invited to the debates, then start campaigning for Conservatives up and down the ticket, then take her rightful place as Secretary of Energy in the upcoming Republican Administration. She could take some pointers from Mr. Anonymous down there and just say ha, ha, ha ... ha as that is what passes for serious debate now.
Development of Government applications (Systems) had been slowed to a crawl in the mid '90's by something called Object Oriented Programming. I installed a system in 1987 for the State of Ohio for the price of $ 2.4 million using a Structured Systems Design methodology. Attempts to recreate it 20 years later using Object Oriented tools resulted in a $ 300 million monstrosity that did not work. Now they are using Uniform Modeling Language to develop applications (not systems) and that's like Object Oriented tools on acid. It results in dysfunctional overspecialization and applications that will never work. They will end up playing whack-a-mole with problems that create more problems. It will never work.
Rand Paul is a Libertarian and wants to blame all the country's woes on Republicans. He makes the point every time he does speak that he is a Libertarian and not a Conservative.
Ridiculous. How could 5% of the country who vote for and fawn over Libertarians be enough to win the Presidency? He's only a Senator because he barged into the Republican Party. The American People will never elect a Libertarian to the Presidency.
Rand Paul is a Libertarian which means he's a social liberal. Of course they could find things about which to agree with the democrats. They happen to be the same things that are tearing down the country.
It's not essential that Veterans are to be kept alive during Obama's hissy-fit. If it were to eliminate Obamacare I'd gladly choose to forfeit my life so my Children and Grandchildren may live and have health care. But it looks like I get to bow out and Obamacare goes on anyway. Oh, I'm sorry. You didn't know that some Veterans were going to die as a result of this. Just allow me to leave you with this point. The VA dispenses Socialized Medicine with all the rationing and disinterest that Socialized medicine brings. Obamacare is like VA health care only without the appeal process. Good luck to you.
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