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Elizabeth Warren Says She's Cherokee Because...Mommy Said So

Billy158 Wrote: May 25, 2012 9:20 AM
Her mother also probably told her she was beautiful, too. Most hypocritical thing here is that the universities won't say whether or not she was given "diversity" preferences or not...but only because she's a good little giggle-sissy liberal, and toes the party line. If a conservative had done this, the universities would already have sworn out warrants and lawsuits against them.

In the latest chapter of the Elizabeth Warren "dances with lies" Cherokee ancestry fiasco, the Senate candidate is now saying she knows she is Cherokee because her mother told her so and that her Republican opponent Scott Brown is "attacking her family," for saying otherwise.

Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren said Thursday that she knows she has Native American ancestry because her mother told her so.

Warren’s comments came after nearly four minutes of tense back and forth between Warren and Fox 25 reporter Sharman Sacchetti and 7News reporter Andy Hiller. As...