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Don't be surprised if we see another "Executive Order" forgiving all repayments for Obamacare subsidies.
Tell everybody you're an Indian, Wendy...that'll get you some votes.
The problem is, Dr. Carson, that about half the country votes for a living. That means they only have two or three work days every couple of years or so....but one thing you can be sure of: They damn sure show up for "work" those days. (Many of 'em get a little "walking around money" for their trouble, too.) After researching the fall of Athens, Alexander Fraser Tyler stated that a democracy can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasury. We're about there right now.
Nah. Franken will get all the "lizard people" vote (living and dead), just like he did last time.
Democratic Party will just go to the blood plasma donation centers in neighboring states and bring in a few busloads of "voters". They'll drive 'em in to the various voting centers that have Democratic supervisors...and they'll all cast those "same day registration" votes. And then the supervisor will "verify" all the registration information, so that the votes will all count. Then the "voters" will all get back on the busses (with a little "walking around money" for their trouble) and enjoy their boxed chicken lunches on the way back home to Mississippi and Arkansas.
Now let's see here: A number of veterans needed medical treatment, which they were ENTITLED to. They did NOT receive that necessary treatment, and records were faked to indicate that they had. Some of them died. And now the VA Officer of Inspector General...the unit that is responsible for seeing that things like this do NOT happen...is claiming that there MAY NOT be a link between the two. Notice how carefully they parse their findings: They were "unable to conclusively assert" that the absence of timely care caused the deaths of these veterans. (Sound like a damn Clinton under oath.)
Let's see here: Just before they left the White House, they knew Bill would have a $190,000 a year ex-president's pension. And Hillary had just received an $8 million book advance...despite the fact that she had been one of the most vocal critics of Newt Gingrich being offered a $4 million advance (which he didn't accept because of the criticism). Gosh, they're lucky they didn't have to live in a box under an interstate overpass...
Hillary would trade her soul (whatever might be left of it) to the devil himself to be president. For that matter, I suspect she would trade Chelsea's soul as well, along with that of her unborn grandchild. What a wretched piece of scum this woman is...
FINALLY! A Clinton is in the news for having sex, and it doesn't make Hillary want to kill Bill, or to sic the IRS on the woman for revealing it.
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The Coming End of Affirmative Action

Billy158 Wrote: Apr 26, 2014 11:07 AM
It amazes me that the same liberals...who praised the SCOTUS decision declaring that the law prohibiting gay marriage was unconstitutional because the 14th Amendment mandates equal treatment...are now blustering and sputtering that equal treatment doesn't always mean EQUAL equal (Wink! Wink!). And some have to be a little "more equal" than others....
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