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Hotels and Hassles

Billpm Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 8:15 AM
Here's what knuckleheads like you will not get. The government already gets more of every gas $ spent than anyone , more than the driller, producer, labor more than anyone. If you fools would accept the reality that the people are taxed enough already, then we could work on tax reform. Is it just that this thinking is to complicated...maybe its just sell your jacked up theories of fairness.

Few things can make you appreciate home like staying in a hotel. This includes not only low-budget, bare bones hotels but also sweepingly large and ornate luxury hotels. What many hotels seem to have in common are needless hassles.

Since most people who stay in hotels do so while traveling, and stay only a few days in a given hotel, you might think that those who run hotels would want to make it easy for someone who arrives a little tired (or a lot tired) from traveling to use the various devices they find in their hotel room. But you...