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At the very least.
Buffett is.a fraud. Yet the sad truth is many Americans will get a morale boost that they need while sitting at home because they are unemployed. The business i work at has already had a meeting discussing what the 2nd Obama term will cost us. Bottom line, hopefully we won't have to lay anyone off (unsure about that due to Obamacare) but Sino annual bonuses will be smaller and we will have to pick up on work we usually outsource.
I know several people that did a short stint in military for the sole purpose of the GI bill. One might argue that joining the service during peace time and seeing the world is more difficult than working on oil rigs for ten hour days every summer and holiday during school then working for another 15 years under the burden of a school loan. But that argument aside, conservatives don't see the GI bill as an entitlement...its part of a compensation pkg.
Truths are truths, being against a truth just because it is from the 1st or 18th century seem strange. Can you give an example of this liberal world working.
Children unborn or as babies are never "on their own" they have parents to raise them, not the government.
See here is the thing many liberals esp in the MSM create an image of what a conservative is than attack that you are doing with each point you make.
I agree but I don't see us getting there with a 3rd party. We have to piano for a strong (not severe) conservative government yet when presented with voting for the less of to evils we must vote. Much of our problem was voter turn out. As opposed to doing away with our values to be more like dems we do need to work harder to attract libertarian voters.
Spot on Steve, as stated by Pres R. R. Bold colors.
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Stirrings of Secession

Billpm Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 7:44 AM
Who 5 yrs ago thought we would be in a mess this big. Though I strongly opposed Obama in 2008 I foolishly believed that maybe his election would help race relations. What a foolish thought. We have become more divided in every way than ever in my 55 yrs
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