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Obama wanted a "polite" war with a bunch of neanderthals! He turned our forces into a bunch of street cops!
Were they all wasted at the Alamo and the Philliphine death March in WWII also? They died doing what their country asked them to do and they are all heroes!
The slaughter of the innocents courtesy of the Vermont cabal of progressive satanists!
MSNBC is the Hate Network! They thrive on hate, they stimulate hate and division ! Their ratings prove that !
Should be no surprise! Obama could care less about human rights, he left the Pakistani doctor to be imprisoned after the doctor helped him finger Bin laden! He didn't say a word to help the green revolution in Iran in 2009! Obama is a back stabber, PERIOD!
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Ed Schultz Collecting Union Money

BillK9 Wrote: Dec 13, 2013 5:53 AM
Another MSNBC sleaze bucket ! Can anyone imagine if O'Reilly would be caught taking money from the Koch Bros.?
Sign up so Obama can have peace of mind is more like it! These ads are for morons!
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Evil Irish Nun Movies For Christmas

BillK9 Wrote: Dec 13, 2013 5:45 AM
Bigots abound in Hollywood! They smear and trash anybody that dares criticize their hedonistic lifestyle!
But if Sharpton would declare Jesus was Black would the media declare him a racist? We all know the answer to that one!
Yes it is criminal, but who is going to enforce the law,Holder? Chief criminal in the US ?
sick of listening to elites, who care less about the American people!
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