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Whats the difference Obama and crew will let them come back as "undocumented Militants" !
You don't reason or negotiate with diseased sewer rats, you exterminate them!
Gee Michael might be alive if he would have just walked on the sidewalk as the Officer asking him to ! But Mike the "saint" decided he was going to tell a police officer to shove it!
Everybody knows the only place you get all the news is Fox! The rest of them will print or broadcast only what fits their agenda!
The American embassies moving many of their personnel out is a good clue as to what is going on!
Where are you Sheila Jackson Lee? You told us these illegals weren't dangerous! So now these "poor kids" included gang bangers too? NEVER VOTE FOR A DEM EVER!
Obama says the war is ending! But did the Taliban say that? Did Al Qaeda say that? Obama just quit fighting!
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Competing for the Obama Library

BillK9 Wrote: May 04, 2014 5:22 AM
Half the library would be " redacted" !
Rutgers Racism is showing!
This is the kind of crapola the MSM asks Obama on a world ready to blow up?
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