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There is nothing more stupid than a big city hick. They think their city is the center of the world. If you do not live in their city you somehow less of a person.
Lois stated that she is a lame liberal. No truer words have ever been printed on the pages of Townhall.com.
I am not sure if this ruling will kill the unions. The problem is this: the elderly & disabled receive money from the state to pay the personal assistants. The unions and the power in Springfield IL decided that since the assistants were paid with government money they had to belong to either SEIU or AFSCME and had to pay union dues. There was no vote by any of the personal assistants to join a union.
Oh Great! Another line in the sand.
The World Cup Championship Game is on my bucket list. I want to spend 6-8 weeks at all the games leading up to the final championship. I will be watching the final game. I will not be watching on ESPN, CBS, NBC or ABC. Their coverage stinks. I will be watching the game on a network that will give the game the proper coverage even if I have to drive 100 miles.
Somebody called soccer players drama queens Here are the names of two of the biggest drama queens in American sports, Kobe Bryant and Labron James. I will take Futbol over the NBA, NFL, NHL or MLB any time.
( NON ? ) fiction. Sounds like it is 100% pure fantasy. How many trees were cut down for this book?
It was also the Democratic Party that made Allen Green ( a black man ) drop out after he won their nomination in a primary race. The uninformed voted for a name, they thought they were voting for the singer. He was then " convinced? " that for the good of his party he should quit.
Have the first daughters watched this video? They should be the best role models for all the young girls in this country. The prez said that he did not his kids chained down with an unwanted child, just chain them to a wall.
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