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They are like an abused wife. If we love them just a little bit more, the dems will then love them back.
He embarrassed Maine! He only embarrassed the people that do not want to hear the truth. Oh! No! he is not PC . He said the wrong thing. Get rid of him.
I just hope that the management of BK does not ruin Tim Horton. They have good coffee, donuts, and service.
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Facts vs. Visions

BillinillIL Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 8:50 AM
When will somebody make a picture wall of all the black kids, black teenagers and black adults killed by other black gang bangers and black thugs? Where is Al and Jessie and their indignation about the 9 year old black kid shot multiple times in his back yard in Chicago last week?
He should have took lesson on how to vote from our president. Show up, just vote present.
Here is what I find interesting. The degree in which the president blames all of his failures on somebody else.
The same thing happened to a teacher in an Illinois school. I think she kept her job however she had to teach in Spanish. My daughter went to an International Job Fair after collage and took a 3 year contract to teach in a Spanish speaking country. All of her classes had to be taught in English. I repeat IN ENGLISH!!!!!
There is nothing more stupid than a big city hick. They think their city is the center of the world. If you do not live in their city you somehow less of a person.
Lois stated that she is a lame liberal. No truer words have ever been printed on the pages of Townhall.com.
I am not sure if this ruling will kill the unions. The problem is this: the elderly & disabled receive money from the state to pay the personal assistants. The unions and the power in Springfield IL decided that since the assistants were paid with government money they had to belong to either SEIU or AFSCME and had to pay union dues. There was no vote by any of the personal assistants to join a union.
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