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It is just another push sliding us closer to the brink. Whether we fall over the brink will test our patriotism and beliefs in our nation. We can defeat it by having someone expert in creating an encryption system for it, or simply stop using the sites.
What is the significance of "a log house at the end of a dirt in the back pinewoods of south Arkansas."?
Directly from the 2012 polling places.
Download and install The Sage dictionary and thesaurus.
What they forget is the reason why the Second Amendment was written into the Constitution. It has nothing to do with hunting. It has everything to do with defending ourselves from tyrannical government. Some of these anti-gun nuts would have us limited to flintlocks. A great decision by a great judge.
Actually it is bear.
How about the treasury sale of its remaining stock in GM. It is my belief that we are seeing the fulfillment of Obama's campaign promise of getting our revenge on them. Where is Carlos when we need him?
I used to say that Slick Willie was the first and only man I ever really hated. He has been surpassed by our present would be despot whom I classify as being despised and hated. I could say more but do not wish to be harassed by the IRS or the Treasury Department.
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Now Obama Wants Your Pension

BillHenry Wrote: Apr 29, 2013 7:56 AM
Folks should not be surprised by this man's plans. He showed us what his intent was in his first election. His intended legacy, i.e., Aboninable Care is going to wreck the healthcare system. His tax and spend policies are going to bankrupt the government. His bought voters who are now laughing as the take your money to the bank are going to end up on the scrap heap when the dollar dies. He has plans to rob Social Security and cut Medicare, to get rid of the elderly. If you do the math you can take all the wealth of the world including it natural resources and divide it by the estimated population and your find that the fair share will be less than the country's poverty level. His plan just will not work........
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Guns and the Economy

BillHenry Wrote: Apr 28, 2013 9:08 AM
Absolutely correct. Good post. Non sibi sed patriae.
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