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Hey Unions: Welcome to Politics

BillCofIN Wrote: Jun 24, 2012 1:28 AM
When I graduated from a public screwl in 1962there began a big push in Congress for 18 year-olds to be allowed to vote. The Dems were pushing it and the teachers unions were against it, partly because the teachers knew what gruel/pablum we had been fed in civics and history classes. "they are not properly educated enough to vote". I, at least was aware enough to recognize a wake up call. Especially so after college and and a tour in Vietnam and seeing how LBJ etal

The U.S. Supreme Court, in a hat tip to common sense, decided yesterday that nonunion members can opt out of union fees that are targeted towards political purposes.
“Labor unions must give nonmember workers ‘fresh notice’ of unplanned increases in fees or assessments -- money that might be used for political purposes -- the Supreme Court ruled Thursday,” according to CNN.

For labor unions around the country, it serves as a painful reminder that when they decided to go all-in for Obama in 2008, they alienated the rest of us non-government, non-union members- the 99 Percent- who have to go...

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