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A Government big enough to give you everything is also big enough to take everything away from you. Conservatives have always been suspicious of big government. (And do not mention W, as neither Bush 1 nor Bush 2 were Conservatives). Conservatives are not Randian Libertarians, we believe in government, but we never make the mistake of thinking that government is an angelic force. Government must be watched carefully. That is why the recent scandals have this Conservative, and others, saying "we told you what would happen." A free press should be the natural enemy of government abuse. Why is it that none of the scandals were broken by the MSM? Why is FOX on this Govt. enemies list? Why is the govt. after the AP records? I generally do not believe in conspiracies. I am not claiming a specificaly organized conspiracy, just that govt will work in its OWN interest. The IRS has gone after CONSERVATIVE groups. So has the EPA. Did they think this is what BO wanted? Could be. Could be rogue employees. Doesn't matter. You intend to trust these same people with your lives? Because that is what putting the govt. in charge of health care means. Can you be sure that some lower level employee won't look to see whether you are a Democrat orRepublican before authorizing a medical procedure? Howc high did Benghazi go? Does not matter. What is undisputed is the proof of incompetent decision making and subsequent cover up. Govt circles the wagons to protect itself. The Founding Fathers very deliberately designed a Constitution that divided the power of the government between the Federal Government and the States, and within the Federal Government, between Congress that makes the Laws, and the Executive Branch, that enforces them. We have developed a system of Government agencies, children of the Executive branch which write the laws that they then enforce. They sre accountable to no one. OF COURSE there will be abuses of power. The individual is much too small to box with god or to fight with the Feds. Govt consists of people, and people are just as likely to be corrupt whether they work for the FBI, EPA, CIA, or for Countrywide, Bank of America or Goldman Sacks. The answer is not more govt. but less govt. more control, more accountability. The answer is freedom. Let us make sure that Orwell's 1984 does not become reality, as this Conservative fears we are moving in that direction. DW
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If Only We Were More Like France

BillBuckley Wrote: May 26, 2013 3:50 AM
How about a campaign to have Joe Lieberman appointed in Holders place as AG. He is an honest man, even if he is a Democrat. He is a life long Democrat, so we can't be accused of politicizing the position. He is old enough to make cleaning up the mess his legacy for the ages. Keep pushing against Holder, and start mentioning Joe as a good alternative. If Holder is forced out, BO will appoint someone like Rahm Emanuel. We have to start a movement for an acceptable replacement.
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Obama White House: Vulgar and Abusive

BillBuckley Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 4:08 AM
A simple plan to save America: Cut the salary of ALL legislators and members of the executive branch by 90% BUT give them a 5% bonus every month that jobs increase and an additional 5% bonus every month that the deficit decreases. Every month that the bonus is awarded becomes the new baseline, so no yo-yo bonuses for going up and down. The Rabbi
Anyone care to make a wager? He will pardon Johnathan Pollard and Abdel-Rahman, in March, before Passover, making a speech about Passover being the holiday of freedom. Once again moral equivalency will prevail.
IMHO, the case for guns lies in the fundamental, common law right of self defense. The right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that Jefferson found self evident. Without a gun, how can a person defend his life from an armed criminal? It is more fundamental than the 2nd amendment.
The assumption is mortgage rates would go down. My assumption is mortgage rates will stay the same, as the banks will keep the profits. When have the banks ever lowered their rates voluntarily? Never!
The question is the cost of housing. If it starts to rise, you'll be chasing uphill. If it continues stable or goes down, wait. Just remember, mortgages will never be cheaper than they are now.
Everyone knows that the chairman, after a voice vote, calls out the AYES have it, and moves on. The chairman was too young and inexperienced to know that. It is typical Obama, symbolism masking incompetence. How about a Republican sound bite "GOOD INTENTIONS ARE NOT ENOUGH. WE WANT RESULTS."
I think Republicans should counter the Democrats by calling for a minimum wage of $20.00 per hour. Since Everyone will understand that is ridiculous the obvious conclusion is any increase in minimum wage will lead to fewer jobs and more unemployment.
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