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This video does one thing: it plays to liberals belief that NRA supporters are racists. It has long been a tactic of the left to discredit any policy or organization they disagree with by denouncing at as racist. The race card is the all-purpose trump card for liberal. Conservatives should be doing videos which parody this tired tactic.
However shaming people for bad behavior has ALWAYS played a role in that. We are not against shaming as per se. We shame people for making racist comments, failing to recycle, smoking, etc. So why not bad sexual behavior - the consequences of which is, frequently, out of wedlock births and poverty?
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Weiner Leading Democratic Mayoral Race

Bill964 Wrote: Jun 26, 2013 11:53 PM
Agree 100%. The people of NY will get the government they deserve and I can think of no one more worthy to lead NYC than Weiner.
It's official!! Mathews has adopted Obama as his Lord and Savior.
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