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Conservatives have got to stop answering these questions in any way whatsoever and verbally slamming the questioner.
Well, hey! it may be "that the Keystone XL Pipeline will "not significantly worsen" the environment." And pipelines are safer than railroads for transporting oil. But stopping it will continue to enrich Warren Buffett, And he's a major contributor to liberal causes. We've got to keep our priorities, you know.
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Shovel-Ready Jobs for Beheaders?

Bill906 Wrote: Feb 20, 2015 9:02 AM
They have plenty of the jobs they want, all scimitar-ready. O, wait...they don't use scimitars, which would at least lop off the head with a single blow. They use knives, so they can draw out their vile act into multiple cuts. We should get them all jobs pushing up daisies.
"All I can say is that some news outlets are really obsessing over this evolution business" Well, of course they are. This question is one that is constantly used as an attack by the left, using whatever answer may be given to discredit a candidate with part of the electorate. The fact that it has nothing to do with running the country is irrelevant, it is something that can be used against a Republican, and especially against a conservative.
Oh, what an opening to respond to Eric the Red. Lets list what else Fox talks about: DOJ stonewalling on IRS spying DOJ stonewalling on iRS non-processing tax-exempt statuses for conservative groups. Government stonewalling on Benghazi... You all know the list. Eric, there's lot's more grist for Fox's mill.
Evolution is obviously real, and observable today. Poorly evolved specimens can be seen slithering around the planet, working in the liberal media, on liberal campuses, as liberal bureaucrats in government offices and as liberal politicians,
This question is an attack. It is intended to draw out an answer that will be used against the politician in one way or another. I'd like to hear of an individual asked the question answering by questioning the reporter about how much he receives from the DNC. Then perhaps following up by asking why he supports keeping women in danger disarmed, and his or her personal reason to explain why the explicit Second Amendment does not mean what is says.
Don't you understand that it's OK because they vote democrat?
And yet another liberal reference to the 'Jim Crow' era as if it were not a product of democrats.
I know who the Senators from New York are, and as a conservative in Upstate New York I know that I do not have a representative in the United States Senate.
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