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Sequester-Sized Government Waste Can Go First

rightmostofthetime Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 3:40 PM
We well never get any real cuts in the federal budget. This silly sequestration merely reduces the percentage of increase, and politicians on both sides are claiming it's catastrophic. I see no hope of ever getting spending under control, as these clowns are only worried about their re-election, not the future of our country.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel complained today about $8.5 million in cuts for classroom teachers in Wisconsin if the sequester goes through. The Fort Worth Star Telegram was more worthy, saying that the $67.8 million Texas will lose in education funding is doable for the state.

“That's a lot of money,” says, “but the state is scheduled to receive $4.9 billion in federal funds this year, part of a total school spending plan that tops $40 billion when local funds are included. What the White House is talking about is taking away less than a 10th of a...