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Obama Lied, Crowley’s Cred Died.

rightmostofthetime Wrote: Oct 20, 2012 11:28 PM
It's not uncommon for someone who wants his comments verified to say something like "Check the transcript." Unsaid is, "If you do, you'll see I'm right." He's wrong, of course, but I still don't see Candy looking down at anything in front of her before she makes her "correction."

President Obama’s lie at the debate--that he made an early call the Benghazi attack was terror-- was petty and ludicrous.

It was petty because, as a semantic dispute, it grasped brief advantage that necessarily had to yield to inevitable fact-checking. It was ludicrous because, as a matter of history, it pretended two weeks of vehement, contradictory spin from the administration never happened.

When Mitt Romney challenged Obama on his failure to admit the Benghazi massacre was terrorism, the president threw down a startling gauntlet: He had indeed called the attack an act...