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Matthews a Few Race Cards Short of a Full Deck

rightmostofthetime Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 3:27 PM
Bill "Ted Baxter" O'Reilly might be your man. He's not mine. Conservatives should never claim him as one of our own. One of his favorite words is "bloviate," and he demonstrates its meaning each night.
Bob1893 Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 2:06 PM
It is a funny thing, Bill seems to tee off both the Right and the Left. He constantly makes excuses for Obama. Like when he said he is sure Obama did not know that they were going to take Under God from their platform at the Convention.
rightmostofthetime Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 7:10 PM
Well, Krauthammer at least has a reason to have an ego.
bronxer Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 3:56 PM
he is starting to get on my nerves...i have nothing against egos. Charles Krautheimer said something so telling on o'rileys show the other paraphrase,one room cannot contain two egos the size of ours.In this case,I love Charles and just put up with O....

Apparently, Monday, Aug. 27, was opening day for Hysterical Liberal Sanctimony About Imagined Republican Racism. During this first round, The New York Times, The Atlantic and the TV networks each put in a splendid showing.

I'd need a book to cover it all. HOLD ON! I HAVE ONE -- Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obamaavailable in fine bookstores near you Sept. 25, 2012.

Today, we will focus on the outstanding individual performance of the man who, since the departure of Contessa Brewer, is widely regarded by his colleagues as the stupidest...