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Read the link. In it you will see that the downgrade was blamed on republicans by name by the people who did the down grading. You can disagree but those are the words of the people who DID THE DOWN GRADING.
You at best mean lie or his lies
Compassionate conservatism
Chevy Volts doing great.
People on this post seam to be ok with the fact that Romney was claiming a check for over 100K and has signed docs with the SEC saying he was involved, and was head of the new funds that started in 2002 and was not involved. He also has never said that though he profitted from the jobs being moved to China he is against it and the tax structure that promotes it. I understand he is not Obama and you like that but don't you want this guy to stand up for your jobs. I know I want Obama to.
Add he took us to War under false pretences and then lost a billion in cash in Iraq. Oh wait that was the other guy.
To make up for America's educational problems.
Did any reporter ask Romney if he approves of Bain sending jobs over seas. Did any ask if he is ok with bankrupting copanies and making money off of it then sticking the tax payers with the pension bill? Left wing media my ----
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