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The real war is between DC and The People. Who will have the power and the money that it brings? This is how I understand the Framers and why we have The Constitution. So. . . . this article implies that there’s a difference between the party that wants to rule us from the R half of DC, and the one that wants to rule us from the D half? Both parties are run now by the Permanent Political Class surrounding DC, and PPC will not give up their power to The People without a fight. So as far as I’m concerned, ‘Game On’. I’m not voting for another progressive. The only thing worse than a progressive with a D, is a progressive with an ‘R’, because the R adds the lie to us about being ‘seriously conservative’, and then stabs We The People in the back. At least the Ds fight us to our faces. If somehow the GOP establishment hands me another seriously progressive governor like Romney, I’ll vote for the lesser evil - the progressive Dem. Or hopefully there is a good 3rd party person. I hope the ‘good’ in the GOP can overthrow this establishment, and give us a party against the PPC, and for We The People.
I agree. More guts, more class, more patriotism.
Yes. All liberals are parasites. They want government to forcibly take from one that earned it, and after taking the governments share, give whats left to one that didn't earn it. Buying votes with lies of a universal utopia, that always just becomes a 'utopia' for the few of the Permanent Political Class.
Great article. It seems the most recent definition of liberal is statist. Statism is the opposite of our liberty loving republic. They are the enemy of our republic.
Pants on fire. If truth matters to you, research before you comment.
I’ll vote almost any ‘3rd party’ before I’d vote for Jeb, Christie, or any other establishment approved progressive. The GOPe is just the other half of our corrupt government. And not the half that faces us, but the half that stabs us in the back. We do not need someone pushed by the Permanent Political Class, or even peacefully allowed by the PPC - we need someone they oppose. If we the people are to win, I believe it will be a political battle unlike all before it, against the establishments of both Parties. The war is DC vs The People. It isn’t just beating the Dems - “It matters who and what we replace Obama with.” - SP2011
http://palin4america.com/2013/10/gov-palin-barrycades/ The original call for this "Barrycade" civil disobedience.
I agree with chairman42. Keep the Fed government out. They are already too big, powerful, expensive and full of corruption and waste. Don’t give them more power to abuse or money to waste.
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5 Reasons Not To Bomb Syria

Bill5891 Wrote: Sep 03, 2013 5:09 PM
The O administration breaks numerous Constitutional laws destroying our liberty and does it’s best to bury them. But the O administration wants our attention to be on international law being broken, between two of our enemies, on the other side of the planet. Which series of ‘law breaking’ should We The People of the USA be more concerned with? /s I want the criminals destroying our Constitutional Republic prosecuted. Let the United Nations deal with international lawbreaking among our enemies.
Sarah Palin would have my vote. In less than 2 years she fixed GOP government corruption (prosecuted, fired, fined, jailed as deserved) And she also fixed their capitalist cronies to do business legally. She raised the states rating from AA to AAA. She had the highest governor rating - near 90%.
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