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NYC Principal Says No to Students Singing 'God Bless the USA'

Bill531 Wrote: Jun 11, 2012 8:17 AM
PANDA: Vouchers are not the answer. The REAL solution is ELIMINATE the federal department of UNeducation! While you are voting this election year, PLEASE take a serious look at those who are running for your School Board and/or your Superintendent of Schools.
rmt5 in MA Wrote: Jun 11, 2012 8:54 AM
Most of here would like to see the Feds get out of public education. However, that would be a long, long process. In the meantime vouchers would serve the American people well. When people make choices it shows where the good and bad schools are and promotes competition. It will mean more careful selections of who's hired. Parents will have more say-so simply because they can make a choice.
bullrider Wrote: Jun 11, 2012 8:51 AM
I believe the Fed dept of Education should be gone - but we also need vouchers to help operate non-union private schools a) where kids can escape bad public schools and b) to keep union teachers from having a monopoly.

Depending on who you ask, the song 'God Bless the USA' by Lee Greenwood has been banned from one school's graduation because 1)it would offend other cultures or 2)the lyrics are too adult for the kids.

The New York Post says this:

Greta Hawkins, principal of PS 90, the Edna Cohen School, won’t allow kindergartners to belt out the beloved Lee Greenwood ballad, also known as “Proud to be an American,” at their moving-up ceremony.

Five classes spent months learning the patriotic song, which skyrocketed in popularity after the 9/11 attacks and the 2003 invasion...

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