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The Economy Needs No Conductor

Bill4922 Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 8:30 PM
Correct. The GOP is looking more and more like the Dem party everyday. The difference between Obama and Romney on many issues is not that great. It's liberal big gov't candidate vs liberal big gov't candidate. Until the GOP wakes up and realizes that overall gov't does more harm than good, it will just be Dem lite.

We spend too much time waiting for orders -- and money -- from Washington.

The collapse of the housing bubble gave politicians a license to do what they wanted to do all along: spend. The usual checks on extravagance, weak as they are, were washed away. Budgets? We'll worry about that later. Inflation? We'll worry about that later.

As I point out in my brand new book, "No, We Can't: Why Government Fails -- and Individuals Succeed," a true free market doesn't require much. It's not like an orchestra in need of a conductor. What it needs is property rights, so...