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One can be against gay marriage and abortion for non-religious reasons. I'm not a Huckabee fan, however, nothing he said restricts "freedom of thought and speech". He's supports laws against gay marriage and abortion. He has that right under the Constitution, just like those who support laws for gay marriage and abortion. My belief is gay marriage and abortion are issues that should be decided by the will of the people, not the courts. Let the states decide. There is no right to marry a person of the same sex, or to have an abortion in the Constitution. The tyrants in black robes just created these rights out of thin air.
I live in Iowa and am voting for Joni. Braley screwed the pooch. His ads were negative, negative, negative, for months. He never said a word about what he was going to do, only that Joni is too "extreme". It hasn't done anything except make Braley look like an angry guy with no ideas. In the first debate between the two candidates, Braley kept talking about getting along working with the other side. Joni kept hitting back how that was empty rhetoric coming from a guy who's can't get along with his own neighbor (he's suing his neighbor over a property dispute).
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The Economy Needs No Conductor

Bill4922 Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 8:30 PM
Correct. The GOP is looking more and more like the Dem party everyday. The difference between Obama and Romney on many issues is not that great. It's liberal big gov't candidate vs liberal big gov't candidate. Until the GOP wakes up and realizes that overall gov't does more harm than good, it will just be Dem lite.
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