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Just another example of the Leftist, Marxist, Progressive making excuses for their own deviant, destructive behavior. This is nothing more than nihilism cloaked in scientific clothes (like man-made global warming, er global warming, er climate change, er conservatives should pay for what I want - not me!).
Yea, right. It's ok to be against something, but only if it's for an approved reason. What a warped country! :-(
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Three Generations Of Imbeciles Are Enough

Bill4298 Wrote: Feb 05, 2015 10:57 PM
It'd be nice, Ann, if you'd support a Republican who "could win". Your track record is pretty poor. You loved Chris Christie, who can only get elected in NJ (surprise!). Now you're loving a vulture capitalist who's responsible for one of the first socialized medical insurance programs in the U.S., which is an utter disaster (unless you get free medical insurance from the fascists who pay for your exemption to the law!). But then again, you may have no problem paying $800/mo for a $16K deductible policy with no dental or vision coverage.
The simple solution to this kind of mis-reporting is to subject the publication and its owners, officers and editors, journalists, and advertisers to defamation proceedings. They would get no special privileges for defaming citizens and should pay dearly. My goodness, doctors and other professionals are sued all the time when they make human mistakes. Lawyers and media should be too! You know how lawsuits go, anyone with money is liable. :-)
I'm trying to find somewhere in the constitution that says our liberties are jeopardized by "...an 'undue burden' on Texas women". Huh? Don't all laws put a "burden" on us all, to one degree or another? Aren't our liberties defined explicitly? This bought-and-paid-for federal judge should simply be ignored. Is Texas full of "wussy boys" or what? Stand up, like men, and ignore this unconstitutional, dishonorable, and illiterate judge. By the way, statistics tell us a fair percentage of any set in any job is incompetent and should be replaced. How many federal judges have been fired by Congress...in the last 200 years? Not only does the Federal judiciary have way too many incompetents, but our incompetent Congress can't manage to fulfill their simple employer responsibilities!
"Benton, a tea party insider ...". Give us a break!
So, the fascist Bloomberg publication says "...now that many Americans are benefiting from the law and the measure is unlikely to be repealed." I personally know a dozen freeloading young people with no jobs (but they play games on devices I couldn't afford) are getting insurance free while my wife and my health insurance went from $350/mo (for entire family of 4 in 2007) to $1,400/mo today for two of us. We lost our dental and vision because it doesn't start until we pay the $16K deductible. My son decided not to buy because it's way too expensive. If Republicans are too feckless to fight this totalitarianism they need to go too! Where seven years ago four were insured, today only two are! So, once again, liberals get what they want; anarchy in markets so gov't can take over.
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