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GOP Provides Cover for Obama Giveaway

Bill38 Wrote: Aug 18, 2012 10:53 AM
This proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Washington and all it's parasitic inhabitants are cesspool bottom feedres that have to be eradicated and DC fumigated before healing can begin with a new list of characters. If the new bunch of 'civil servants' are only half as corrupt we will be ahead. A body can only start to heal after the cancer has been cut out!

Faced with the prospect of an economy that will still be circling the drain in November, and probably recognizing that the intellectual firepower of such luminaries as Vice President Joe Biden, Harry Reid and certain Super PACs are not necessarily assets to the cause, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis stepped up to the plate on Monday to pinch hit for Team Obama.

And she hit a home run.

The Department of Labor announced that it would hand out almost $100 million in grants to states for “work sharing programs.”

“Work sharing” in this case is government-speak for covering...

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