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The Richard Nixon Disinfectant Rule

Bill3490 Wrote: May 08, 2012 9:15 AM
I'm with the Renechang comment below. It is way past time for those who hate Nixon for exposing Hiss as a communist to get lost. Semper Fi

Even though he is a foolish statist, I wanted Francois Hollande to win the French presidency. Sarkozy was a statist as well, after all, and my “Richard Nixon Disinfectant Rule” says that it’s better to have the out-of-the-closet statist prevail in such contests in hopes that the supposedly right-of-center party can then regroup and offer voters a true choice in the next election.

But I have another reason for wanting Monsieur Hollande. Simply stated, we need role models. Not only role models to show the effects of good...

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