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Bill3490 Wrote: May 07, 2012 9:20 AM
"Chuck Colson arrived at the minimum-security federal prison on the grounds of Maxwell Air Base in Montgomery, Ala., via the White House, where he had been not just a member but a leader of the Nixon administration and gang. He'd been convicted, as Richard Nixon should have been, of obstruction of justice. No doubt about it, Chuck Colson could obstruct with the best of them, or rather the worst. That connoisseur-in-chief of dirty tricks, Richard Mountebank Nixon himself, gave him the highest recommendation in his presidential memoirs: Mr. Colson, the former president wrote, was his "political point man" for "imaginative dirty tricks" Just what is meant by 'dirty tricks' ? Do all Presidents use them? Name some. Semper Fi

Charles Colson died the other day at 80, a respected and even revered evangelist in the mold of Billy Graham.

By the time of his death, he may have been the country's leading prison reformer, too, working to change men rather than just punish them.

The worldwide mission he founded and directed -- Prison Fellowship -- continues to inspire.

He set out to make prisons penitentiaries in the true sense--a place for penitence. And rebirth.

That was Charles Colson.

There was also a Charles Colson in an earlier life. That Charles Colson had died and been born again circa 1974-76, when...