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Wonder if any of those hostages wish they had a gun right about now? Or at least Howard Dean and Obama by their side?
Hopefully the NYTimes can tell us some more lies and their crack reporter Kristoff can say "really" 3 timess when telling us how important it is to be tolerant while never citing an example.
Where are Beohner's plans for immigration, Obamacare, tax reform, etc., etc.? What has this clown been doing for 8 years while leader of the minority besides sitting around collecting a pay check? That is why he is such a terrible leader.
your talking about the same Obama who sat in Rev. Wright's chruch for 20 years, right?
What a half-a-sissy De Blasio must be. He can not even stand up for his own words for more than a day or two.
I hope the conservative media will investigate ANSWER's role in all of these race riots. Also, what President Obama's spiritual leader for 20 years , Rev. Wright, has to say about all of these chickens coming home to roost?
I do believe Obama and Holder and the entire progressive ideology want this seperation of Blacks from the rest of the American society and attacking the police is a very good way to make that happen. I believe Obama's onlly reason to become president was to form a coalition of around 15-20% of the Democrat vote. By doing that he will remain a power going into the future which the Dems. wil constantly have to fear and cow to if they ever want to win another election. Seperation is how he will keep the Black vote since he gave away so much to get those 5 million illegal immigrants into the country. They will take any of the jobs that would have gone to the Blacks. This also explains the terrible job as President Obama has done and his uncaring of the circumstances. He could care less what the country thinks of his golfing and fund raisers.
I agree with the author in the Sony case against N. Korea concern the movie but I do with their case concerning the supposedly racist emails which were hacked by the Koreans and released thus embarrassing Sony. From what I understand this is why SONY hired Sharpton. It is also why I will not go to any movies Sony puts out until they get rid of Sharpton. Sharpton is a bum and if Sony is consulting with him I am gone just as i am gone with rand Paul because he sees fit to have Sharpton as a consultant.
The TEA Party is still mostly concerned with economic policies and will stay strong as long as they stick to that. Let others take on the social issues.
I get it now. Rand Paul is just getting his administration on board in case he wins the election. For his Afro-American adviser he will have Al Sharpton who he consults with now and for the Hispanics he will have Raul or Fidel Castro which ever is avaliable. Peggy Noonan will be his speech writer.
When are Obama/Holder and Shapton expected to be on the scene?
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