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Good point. Thanks I missed it.
Our fearless press showing what they are really made of.
Ask Carney why Obama took months to hand over this e mail from the recent release from the Court Order? Do they not think that is reasonable oversight function of the Constitution? "We have a long history of cooperating with legitimate oversight by Congress...I'm not going to go further than that," Carney repeatedly said, defaulting to the statement after repeated questioning on the subject
Make him exlain why Congress got an almost blank sheet while the same one which was released under the court order contained much more infomation.
Kevin D. Williamson has a fantastic article " Unnecessary Lies" about all these lies and what Carney/Obama and rest the are all about. at
Shouldn't Chief Justice Roberts be in this picture instead of Bien? He did so much more to ensure this lousy piece of legislation was adoped so the people of Oregon could lose so much money. He just does not get the credit he deserves from Obama.
You mean the Holder Bureau of Investigation is going to look into something the Obama/Holder/ Jarett Executive Branch invented?
What's the matter with this half-a-sissy? Make it $30.00/hr. or go home. Even better make it $50.00
The half a sissy was under his covers.
CBS Evening News Ignores White House Benghazi Emails Sent By CBS President’s Brother Headline in the daily Caller which just somehow proves to the progressives that there is not even a smiggen of media bias in the Benghazi affair.
Remember, it was Obama and Coat-Tails Hillary standing on the tarmac at Andrews Air Field knowingly telling lies to the families and the Amercan People while the bodies of those killed were just feet away. All so they could just stay in office. Disgusting.
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