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Nixon threatened to use the IRS but the IRS back then knew they worked for the American people and refused to do Nixon's dirty work. The IRS of today are federal bureaucrats who work for the progresive ideology and have no problem breaking the law , abusing their power and lying to Congress as long as it serves their beliefs. This is just the tip of the ice berg.
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Holder's Race Card

bill3313 Wrote: Apr 16, 2014 7:20 AM
The two of them are such half-a-sissies that it is embarrassing as hell to have them represent us anywhere. They are so arrogant and brainwashed by the fawning press that they have no idea who they work for. Women don't have manicured hands like this little baby.
If it is just about not wanting to fight other peoples wars why did we and many others , including Russia, sign an agreement ensuring the Ukraines safety from outside interference if they agreed to get rid of their nuclear weapons? They did what they said they would do and now you and so many others feel it is alright for us to bail. Great way to make allies and build trust, huh? Were you against the agreement before you were for it?
Wow, At first I thought this was a picture of the New Black Panthers at the voting site in Phlly back in 2008. You know the one where Atty. General Holder with Obama's blessing dismissed the conviction charges.
I agree 100%. At least Krauthammer no longer finishes every article about Obama by telling us how intelligent Obama is not matter how badly he screwed up.
Time to rethink sending my taxes into a disgusting, corrupt bureacratic agency which has proven it cannot be trusted. With a President and Department of Justice who's will the IRS is doing so there is no chance the IRS will be investigated. Now Obama and Holder are playing the race card and I am sure Cummings willjoin them ASAP. We are screwed and the RINO's are right in there with them. How much of this are we going to take? Are we a nation of cowards who are afraid to stand up to the politiacal class and it's bureaucracy?
he would go on TV and talk them into confessing.
King concluded: “Sorry to be sort of wound up on this, but I couldn’t believe that quote from Vice President Cheney.” I don't think I believe Sen. King when he says he is an Independant. On November 6, 2012, King won the Senate race with 53%[15] of the vote, beating Democrat Cynthia Dill and Republican Charlie Summers.[16][17] The following week, King announced that he would caucus with Senate Democrats, explaining not only that it made more sense to affiliate with the party that has a clear majority, but that he would have been largely excluded from the committee process had he not caucused with a party.[18][19] King has not ruled out caucusing with the Republicans if they take control of the Senate in 2014.[20]
What channel was he on? I thought they went off the air.
This is what passes for progressive's leadership. Anyone who can character assassinate a fellow citizen and human being is all they are looking for. When was the last time Reid/ Schumer/Pelosi introduced legislation of their own?
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