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And what are you going to be doing as Dr. Carson tries to do his?
If they don't know them then it is your responsibility to teach them or as Dr. Carson suggested, get in line to just go along to get along. You can no longer have it both ways. Our country has one through tougher times and came out the other end a better country.
It is so disgusting what goes on at MSNBC in the name of news. Never watch it anymore not even for a good laugh. I do everything possible to help them run out of money as soon as possible so something else can fill the space.
Maybe they are reading Stephen Hayes artical on Obama's failures at Weekly Standard. And then the alarm clock went off.
The WaPo readers are way too invested in their Dear Leader to believe any of this. All they need is for Coat-Tails Hillary to explain it all away with another right wing conspiracy rant and they will get right back to their admiration of a serial liar. It is who they are now.
First of all they are not journalists they are political hacks carrying the water for their ideological leader of the day. These are the same clowns who could not believe that Bill and Hillary Clinton would lie to them about little Billy's sex in the Oval Office or anywhere else. Coat-tails Hillary even had the time to come up with the right wing conspiracy charge. This disbelief even after Clinton campaigned on a ridiculous lie that he never inhaled while smoking pot. If smeone would lie over something as inconsequencial as that he'll lie over anything. Just as Obama has proven he will. All three are serial liars.
Putting a head scraf on will not save this womans soon. The idea that a womans voice is even printed in the news is why these these terrorists will carry out the beheading. The so-called moderate muslims have already paid for the exectuion. And the ridiculous progressives in our country accuse the Republicans are waging war on women while they deny Islams vision of sharia law thriugh out the world. They have made the word have no meaning.
ISIS will be exterminating thousand of Syrian refugees in Turkey in the next couple of weeks while the US and Turkey sits back and watches. We cannot evil get the back bone up to say we are at war with ISIS no matter how many times they say they are at war with us. Obama and his progressives are all about politics, polls and the up coming election. Obama's coalition is a fraud.
I guarantee this woman voted for Obama. They both think appeasement wil save her son from these murderers.ISIS will be exterminating thousands ofSyrian refugees in Turkey in the next couple of days so I doubt they have time to listen to this womans pleas.
Keep dreaming. ISIS as been getting stronger while the US and the fake coalition does the minimal amount to keep Obama's poll numbers above water. ISIS is now going into Turkey to kill all those refugees while we and Turkey sit bak and watch, Turkey is actually hampering any efforts to help those refugees. And once again ISIS is threatening another American beheading, and you say they are being bombed into oblivion. Not since the first air strike has any of Obama's coalition taken any part in your so-called bombing into oblivion. Obama is all politics and you seem to be sucking it up while every military advisor says it has no chance of succeeding.
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