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No, you're the only one who sees the problem here.
Give me a break on Bidens " chase them to the gates of Hell" B.S. Maybe Mr. Goldberg should review our Rules of Engagement which this administraion, including Biden, has imposed on our soldiers. They cannot even chase the terrorists down the street.
Any bets she'll be joining Obama spokeswoman Sandra Fluke on the next Obama tour.
Will someone tell these people that ISIS is a home grown terrorist group which branched off from the TEA Party. That will get Obama off the golf course and fund raiser circuit.
It's just a knee jerk reaction, like blaming Bush or defending Obama. The progressives just do it. Wait until Obama finds out GKO missed the opportunity to call someone a racist , sexist or homophobe. Never meet your quota that way.
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Jon Stewart and Anti-Semitism

bill3313 Wrote: Sep 04, 2014 8:54 AM
Maybe Jon will explain why the Egyptian border with Gaza is also closed? Or take the time to list all the Arab and Muslim countries the Palestinians have been kicked out of because of all the killing/ murders they brought to those countries?
Or CorPsman
Look at this piece of shi% smiling away as he knows the Times reporter, Mr. Scotloff, was most likely going to be beheaded any day. Bet the Times still has no problem carrying Obama's water. After all the seam in his pants is still perfect.
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