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The depth and breadth of your idiocy apparently knows no bounds. Apparently your lack of historical perspective knows none either. When you look across the nation the states in good shape fiscally and for jobs are almost universally conservative, and liberal/democrat for those in the worst. Pull your head out of wherever it may be. There is a real world out there. Join it.
Well, they are quite sound.
Can I rent it for a coupe of hours. Presently I just use duct tape.
Way too funny. I read the first part thinking that not even the prez stooges could be this stupid. Then thought about some of their antics and hey who knows? After a couple of paragraphs I was sure it was a "Onion" article. Had to skip to the end ... Excellent way to start the day.
Clearly the Hunter is a fool ... http://www.universetoday.com/73198/what-are-clouds-made-of/ No matter what clouds are water vapor or water in some other form, but got there as vapor. There just aint no lernin' that wirks fir sum foks
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The Geopolitics of Immigration

Bill269 Wrote: Dec 26, 2012 7:01 AM
Left for free men.
I have read a few of your replies to items and to say it is cold drivel is to be ugly to cold drivel. You are ignorant, devoid of understanding, but certainly full of yourself and your liberal ideology. I wasn't around for the start or end of WWI and WWII, but know their causes and outcomes from a little something called "history" ... which in case you haven't noticed is generally taught (or at least used to be) as required material for elementary school. But of course, reading and understanding is likely beyond your capability, so I won't belabor that anymore ... "... you were around back then ... " a profoundly stupid remark you made.
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