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Thanks Obamacare: 83% of Doctors Surveyed Say They May Quit

Bill258 Wrote: Jun 15, 2012 8:05 AM
36% of doctors say they are no longer accepting new Medicaid patients due in large part to declining reimbursements from the government; including 66% of dermatologists, 64% of endocrinologists, 58% of internists, 50% of orthopedic surgeons, 47% of gastroenterologists, 45% of family practitioners, 43% of neurologists, 39% of cardiologists and 35% of urologists. 26% do not accept any Medicaid patients. 17% no longer accept new Medicare patients and 10% do not accept any Medicare patients.

The Doctor Patient Medical Association has released a new survey of about 700 doctors, and the results are bleak. Scary bleak. Among other dismal figures, Doctors' Attitudes on the Future of Medicine: What’s Wrong, Who’s to Blame, and What Will Fix It found that 83% of respondents are contemplating leaving the industry if Obamacare is fully implemented, owing to its disastrous projected consequences. Indeed, they openly blame the healthcare law for their industry's woes:


  • 90% say the medical system is on the WRONG TRACK
  • 83% say they are thinking about QUITTING
  • 61% say...