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On the Road to Greece?

Bill258 Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 8:44 AM
There are 83 federal programs that provide benefits to low-income residents. In fiscal year 2011, federal spending for these programs totaled $746 billion, excluding benefits for veterans. The largest spending was for Medicaid ($296 billion), food stamps ($75 billion), earned income tax credit ($56 billion), college Pell grants ($41 billion), child tax credit ($23 billion), Medicare prescriptions ($22 billion), and section-8 housing ($19 billion). In addition, states spent $283 billion on these federal programs, resulting in a total of $1.028 trillion.

One thing this election has made crystal clear is that we are becoming a society of dependence, rejecting the traditional American dream and drive for success in favor of collecting disability, welfare, and other government provided benefits. Democrats have been capitalizing on this shift while Republicans take on the impossible task of attempting to explain to the dependents that all of the hand outs are unsustainable and harmful. Unfortunately, like trying to take away candy from a spoiled child through reason, our efforts have been unsuccessful.

To see where the dependence culture leads, Republicans only have to point to...