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Jonah Goldberg’s Good Advice for the GOP: Confess Your Spending Sins and Repent

Bill2561 Wrote: May 31, 2012 5:38 AM
Very sage advice. President Obama does have somewhat of a point. Under President Bush(and a democrat controlled Congress) spending escalated. Mr. Obama promised to control spending but like the author said instead of hitting the brakes he stomped on the gas. The Libertarians are correct on this issue. Freeze spending immediately, eliminated duplicative programs, reduce bloated government departments eliminating those who have outlived their usefulness, then implement a 0.5% reduction in the budget(using the last budget passed by the Senate as a baseline) each year for 10 successive years.
Tacitus X Wrote: May 31, 2012 7:04 AM
Throw in forcing the government to use the same accounting methods it requires of corporations and replacing the income, inheritance, capital gains, and corporate taxes with a 9% national sales tax and you've got a great start. BTW, they've all "outlived their usefulness," and most had little to start with.

In a post last week, I explained that Obama has been a big spender, but noted his profligacy is disguised because TARP outlays caused a spike in spending during Bush’s last fiscal year (FY2009, which began October 1, 2008). Meanwhile, repayments from banks in subsequent years count as “negative spending,” further hiding the underlying trend in outlays.

When you strip away those one-time factors, it turns out that Obama has allowed...