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Selling Sex (Allegations)

Bill2365 Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 11:08 AM
It's possible. What if he lost a bet?
I have a hard time seeing this going anywhere. Gruber will grovel and tell Issa, Gowdy, Jorden and others what they want to hear all day. But the second he steps out of the hearing chambers he'll be back to his old self.
As a civil engineer myself, I can tell you that any good dam has a well designed spillway. Attempts to secure the border (building a bigger barrier) will continue to be a fool's errand, if we don't come up with a way to regulate the flow of people across our border. Quotas and subquotas decreed by Congress isn't cutting it. A guest worker program, as described by the good doctor, will cut it.
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Electing Liberty

Bill2365 Wrote: Nov 05, 2014 12:05 PM
What could you do at the beginning of that six years that you couldn't do at the end of that six years?
This still leaves the problem of individuals who don't want their insurance dollars to fund abortion. Count me in on that one.
My point is that they went wrong on interracial marriage by not following the formula.
The interracial marriage comparison doesn't really hold. You'd have to look at what the Bible (the revelation of the unchanging God in question) says about each. The case against interracial marriage on a biblical basis would require interpretations and inferences that are tenuous at best. On the other hand, biblical injunctions against homosexuality are very unambiguous. The founders weren't right in every detail. Neither are the rest of us. But they had a basis for morality that was transcendent and universal. And it's on this basis that they would have been able to between what's truly right from standards that had no basis but their own social mores and prejudices.
The problem with saying man is the measure for morality instead of having it rooted in the character and nature of an unchanging God, is that right and wrong ultimately ends up being based on might makes right. Whoever gets the most votes, or gets the most legislators, or the most judges who are sympathetic to their cause decides what's right. But it doesn't have to be based on votes, legislators, or judges. It can just as easily be based on who has the most bullets and guns to shoot them with. And that's where this kind of thinking tend to lead.
Not sure what his beef is. She didn't force him to give her $15. He did it of his own volition. She got $15 and he walked away feeling good about himself. If he thinks he didn't get $15 worth of good feelings, perhaps he should give the $15 to a homeless shelter, church, or just about anything other than a total stranger on a street corner.
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Immigration Is American

Bill2365 Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 1:23 PM
I'm all for reducing wait times in order to make it easier for people to immigrate legally. This is right and it should be done. However, I also think it's equally important that eligibility for any kind of gov't assistance be limited to citizens only. This will do more to get the immigration issue under control than any amount of reform.
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