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Lib's wouldn't tell anyone s**t if their mouths were full of it.
So was she just dead wood as SOS? Why should we expect more if she were made POTUS?
Leading from behind sounds a lot like following.
I've gotten a speeding ticket too. I must be a bad person.
If Bush has went to a fundraiser after reading to the kiddos you'd have a point. But he didn't. He immediately cancelled everything else and responded to 911.
Given Obama's track record on foreign policy, being out of town and doing nothing might be an improvement.
Sad that the debate so often focuses on choice without considering the choice being made. At some point in a pregnancy something happens. Call it a spark, a flash or whatever, but it's what makes me me and you you. The whole debate over abortion should focus on this, because performing a procedure like abortion before or after this point is literally the difference between birth control and infanticide. A lot of people recognize this and the result has been a lot of common sense restrictions based on this consideration. It's not only sad, but it's evil that some would wish to sweep restrictions based on this consideration away out of a blind obsession focused on choice alone.
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How to Fight Sexual Assault

Bill2365 Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 12:25 PM
Good column. This is what happens when sexual morality is reduced to consent only.
Sounds like they have 16 more potential Democratic voters on their hands.
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A Primer on Race

Bill2365 Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 11:47 AM
"having a black man in the Oval Office is less important than having one in the home." Truer words have been seldom spoken.
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