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Why Liberals Hate E Pluribus Unum and the Great Seal

Bill1895 Wrote: Aug 29, 2012 12:38 PM
How will the diversity training of emphasizing racial, sexual, national origin ect above all result in bringing people together? Liberals are pushing all that diversity training stuff and liberals want affirnative action. Must be some strange things in the air or water in California.

If you asked a team of expert psychologists and sociological researchers to come up with a design that was sure to infuriate and offend liberals in America, they’d probably come up with what we call the Great Seal.

The Great Seal has got it all—everything liberals despise is there, front and center.

In the first place, you’ve got your eagle, holding arrows. What good could those arrows possibly serve, aside from celebrating the violent blood lust that liberals see in Americans? It doesn’t matter to them that in the eagle’s right talon he’s clutching the olive branch of peace—making the visual...