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The End of Men?

Bill1895 Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 8:52 PM
"Because the alternative is a whole generation of men asking themselves: Just exactly how hard do I have to work at school or a job to pay for beer, a video game set and Internet porn?" Those aren't men, they're boys. " Sounded like the comment of an ignorant bigoted womena: are you an ignorant bigoted male? In any case, who died and made you the Hitler of manhood? If a man pays has way and does not want much what is wrong what that?

In her new book, "The End of Men," Hanna Rosin says we are on the verge of matriarchy.

Rosin doesn't exactly celebrate the demise of men, but she is puzzled by men's reluctance to let go of old gender roles: "The women take on new roles with gusto, while the men take them on only reluctantly."

It happens even in the upper classes. Steven, for example, is a househusband for his legal-eagle wife -- at least for now, while he goes to law school. "Hey if you want to win, you put your best batter on the plate,"...

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