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Ask the Democrats.
Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce, obsessive taxes do upset us.
If it took six shots for the Officer to defend himself, so what?
Has any report been issued about the Officer's injuries? It may do a lot to clarify what happened along with the autopsy.
I have not heard of any, but I have not heard of white kids attacking black cops too often.
The autopsy seems to support the Police Officer.
It is called self defense and yes that is acceptable to Christians.
No no no no Henry: robbing stores, using drugs and assaulting police are a sign of diversity and tolerance as long it the person doing those things is a racial minority!
The conuntry needs conservative leaders in the White House and Congress: not sure if the Republicans are the answer.
You are clearly undereducated and a sociapath.
This is gibberish: take a literacy course.
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