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The 1.5 % has Satan on their side making them a tough enemy.
Homosexuals have used the courts to do their bullying to the point of attacking the 1st Amendment Rights of many Americans including Boy Sccouts, Catholics ect.
And when Christians have parades: St Patricks; homosexuals try to force their way in.
Good point: Jerry Sandusky is part of LBGT. Maybe add a P to LBGT for pedophile?
The KKK tried to use the Bible to justify their anti Christian behavior. 'Christian' homosexuals are trying to use the Bible to justify their anti Christian behavior. Not all anti Christian behavior is violent. Also, would the behavior of adult homosexual males forcing themselves on 10 year boys be violent? Like Jerry Sandusky did? Defaming Christianity by saying thing like homosexual behavior is acceptable is also wrong.
If by LBGT, you mean homosexuals, I agree.
Before you call any one ignorant: what would any of your ramblings matter?
Speaking of Satan, it is not hard to see Satan in the homosexual advocates.
I have not subscribed to a printed media in years. Besides their poor delivery service, they seem to be places for delusional leftists.
'Christian homosexuals' remind me of the KKK, trying to pervert the Bible for their own purposes.
Will, you are loopier than normal today. New medications?
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