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I think most home schooled do better
Dead Americans are a joke? Liberalism must be a mental disorder.
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Police Killed By Guns Up 56% in 2014

Bill1895 Wrote: Dec 30, 2014 11:40 AM
How many times do the Police (Darren Wilson) or private citizens (George ZImmerman) stop bad guys with guns?
Your spam is non sense: are you trying to prove that liberalism is a mental disorder?
Taft you need to take a literacy course: this article is about Ferguson and the behavior of the 'protestors'. The Taxed Enough Already movement is not involved. Or maybe you need mental help.
Ferguson is not about the Taxed Enough Already movement. Taft have you considered taking an adult literacy course?
Is Joshua Williams, a Taxed Enough Already member? If not why are you mentioning him?
How about announcing a 3 to 6 month halt of police activity in the areas that are complaining about the Police? Publically identify the areas and let everyone know that you enter at your own risk? The neighbors and businesses who support the Police will still have Law Enforcement Officers working.
Taft: wrong cut and paste.
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