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Arizona Loses a Great Sheriff

Bill1498 Wrote: Nov 23, 2013 7:49 PM
It's always bad when you lose a really good Man. I pray a very thorough, unbiased investigation reveals it was simply an accident. Otherwise, it could be the opening shot in a VERY nasty confrontation between real people and the Chicago mob.
When I read this and saw that libturd state: "The NRA does its job better than our side does our job," said Jim Kessler, a co-founder of Third Way, which advocates for centrist Democratic policies. "They know how to influence and intimidate elected people." Well, I personally think it's a VERY good thing to "Intimidate" my elected representative when he wanders off the reservation and into the "tar pit" of anti Constitutional and especially 2nd Amendment thought. A great way to accomplish that intimidation is by the proper use of the first two of three "boxes" available to US citizens, those being the "soap" box and the "ballot" box. They do need to remember that we still retain the right and duty, when we are totally denied our rights, to use the third and final "ammo" box as well.
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