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What the States SHOULD do is: Refuse to convene the electoral college. It takes a quorum of 2/3rds to complete the election of President and Vice President. Without that quorum, the selection of President would be left to Congress and the selection of the VP would be left to the Senate. Romney/Biden would be our top leaders.
John, look up RP's legislative record. ONE bill of his got passed during his long tenure. "The granting of some land to a Texas Historical society". Four made it to the floor out of over 400! The guy is a loon.
Ink.. do you have the intelligence to note that you are complaining about "nit-picking" when in fact your original comment was "nit-picking".. Ya twit!
Because it's required that you pull your head out of the sand.
I've been a fan of Kristol for a long time but was blown away when I caught this on Sunday. It's obvious he is either 100% unaware of the sentiments of the TP or he's trying to manipulate the issue. If the GOP gives ONE INCH, they will feel the wrath of the TEA Party movement in 2014. It will make 2010 look like a pimple on a elephants a$$.
Could you share the name of your drug dealer?. I'm fresh out!
Another TROLL on the prowl... offering up nothing of substance.
As a TP'r we were exacerbated by the liberals on a sign stating "What A Moran". Only to find out it was taken 7 years before the birth of the TP movement. These liberals are so gullible.
SB.. I guess YOU are the only privileged individual to review Obama's school records!.... Who the heck is your drug supplier?
Just.. where the hell is the like button on here?
Apparently Jen attributes her double digit IQ as being shared by the rest of the populace. I'll be following the debate, word by word, and will be busting my gut on how inept Obama comes off without his teleprompter..
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