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Seattle council passes $15 minimum wage

Bill136 Wrote: Jun 03, 2014 4:39 AM
Apparently, someone didn't think this out............. http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2014/06/surprise_15_an_hour_minimum_wage_backfires.html
That is very true. That is what makes malignant narcissists so dangerous.
This guy simply can't stand the heat! What a child!
Why does everyone keep saying Obama lied? The law IS working like he designed it to. He just doesn't tell you it was intended to destroy.
Goldberg was too stupid to know she made his point.
They only have regulatory authority over his actions as Owners. This was not done in the capacity of operating the team. The NBA is playing with fire.
That would be grounds for damages it causes so that won't happen. I dare them to do that because it would screw up the NBA's already weak case that uses an overly broad interpretation of the moral clause that pertains to OWNERSHIP. The NBA is acting like he is a player that is bound by the CBA.
The NBA is going to have to prove the conduct was done in the capacity of his official duties as an Owner. That is how antitrust law sees such clauses in franchise agreements. This was a private conversation ILLEGALLY taped and illegally played back for a 3rd party. That is not the kind of conduct these clauses regulate. Good luck NBA because the sponsors reactions to this injustice is your problem. Sterling has retained Patty Glaser as Council and Patty is a damn fine Attorney.
I am all for states making themselves less competitive in the competition for jobs.
Insanity is waiting on the GOP to be conservative. This is why I started voting libertarian years ago.
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