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If Obama had a strategy, it would look like Detroit.
Chicken Little? Is that you? I agree her conduct is unacceptable. However, lets not exaggerate the effects of pot.
You must have some thin skinned friends
Whal are you smoking? it happens all the time across America.
Are people so stupid they don't know the Cop DID NOT know he was unarmed? I guess you get one shot and if you miss then to be "fair" the criminal gets to have a chance. Everybody knows Cops never miss and one shot should kill. If not, then its excessive force even if the Cop needed that many shots to quell the threat? The stupidity of some Americans is limit less. This is NOT Hollywood but many are too stupid to see that.
Come on now? The Gentle Giant had never even been in a fight and was set to start college the next week. The Cop drove up to him, for NO REASON whatsoever and executed when this Angel of a young man right in public in front of witnesses. The GG and his buddy were just interested in getting an education and becoming a productive citizens when this racist cop shot him FOR NO REASON and with no motive other than they were black. Brown volunteers at the Braille Institute, goes to church daily, then puts off sleeping to help the homeless all while going to school. He is a Saint. You are a racist. Besides, Obama is awesome and if you try to say otherwise...I can't hear you...la la la la.....
I run in Conservative circles and I know NOBODY like that. Try this.....Don't these women know they are eternal victims who the GOP wants to kill and steal their God given right to welfare? Don't they know they have a God given right to have somebody else pay for their contraception? They need to stop imposing their religious views by denying us free contraception that they are entitled to under the Constitution? ----Radical Leftist Mind
Not all federal cases are mandatory authority binding on the lower courts. Some constitute persuasive authority and nothing else. I don''t think this case binds anybody but those in this courts district.
Wouldn't Cowboys also be offensive too? This stereotypes white men as Cowboys as much as the claim Redskin does.
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The Republican Racist Myth

Bill136 Wrote: Aug 26, 2014 1:45 PM
Hispanic Mothers are out there trying to bring change but blacks are not. Mothers Against Gangs has greatly reduced gang membership in the Latino communities but the black Mothers are not doing squat but blaming the white man. A good reason why Hispanics are prospering more than blacks.
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