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These comments are strange in that I've read comment section after comment section saying we don't fight dirty enough to beat Democrats. We have to start using their tactics. As soon as someone does though, he is pounded by the same commentariat.
Sorry, I was wrong about the number. I am fine with 269, 218 in the House and 51 in the Senate. Forgot tie in the Senate goes to Obama.
I'm fine with 268. Until then though, I will vote for anyone that doesn't have a (D) behind their name. All you posters who are complaining and giving up saddens me. I'm in Arizona, I can't stand Mr. McCain but if he runs when he's 102 years old against a Dem, I'll vote for him.
You use the "A" word which insults, well you.
Oh, really? http://www.mediaite.com/tv/bill-maher-calls-sarah-palin-the-c-word-during-his-stand-up-act/ and he can do it because he is funny: http://reason.com/blog/2012/03/15/bill-maher-theres-no-double-standard-bec
Doug, did you read the interview? This article is an example of why libs say we lie or take things out of context. Oldman never said that about Pelosi. His point was that comedians can hide behind racist rants and get away with it but others can't. So comedians can call anyone vile names in the name of comedy but if a normal person tried such a thing, they'd be labelled racist or misogynist or whatever. I read you all the time, you can do better.
Then don't post a thing about how you hate Obama and his Administration nor the Congress that can't get anything done.
If Bush hadn't toppled Saddam and Obama hadn't toppled Qaddafi, there wouldn't have been an Arab Spring.
No, low as you can get, the question is why the Administration didn't send our guys in to get this terrorist before.
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